David’s Journey as a Spiritual Medium

Spiritual Medium & Psychic David

David has always known he had a special gift as a spiritual medium. Even at an early age he could see, hear, and do things that others could not. One of his very first experiences with spiritual mediumship was during an overnight visit to an aunt when he was just four years old. As he was about to fall sleep, he saw himself and his brother while he was hovering from up above their sleeping bodies. During this out-of-body experience, he remembers wondering how it was possible to be in two places at the same time. After waking up from this experience, he realized that nothing would ever be the same again.

With each passing year, David practiced and experimented with his spiritual mediumship gift, and even though he was not sure exactly what was going on and what was going to happen to him, he was always up for the challenge and adventure. It was like opening a door to a different world: he would constantly hear voices, see spirits, and finish other people's sentences.

It was during his early teens when “the floodgates were finally opened” and David experienced the full extent of being a spiritual medium. When asked to describe the experience, David would liken it to being inside the center of a closed auditorium full of people who were all talking at the same time, except that instead of people, the place was full of spirits. There were so many voices that had so much to say to him that he thought he was going to go insane from the experience. At first, he had a hard time coping with such intense energy continuously around him, but he was eventually able to control his gifts as a spiritual medium through the teaching and mentoring from his spirit guides.

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What David Can Do as a Spiritual Medium

Psychic and Spiritual Medium | David

David has been practicing Psychic Mediumship and Metaphysics for over 35 years now. In between readings, seminars, and other events, he teaches and shares his knowledge about intuition and spiritual mediumship to those who are open and ready to receive them. As a spiritual medium, he also abilities of all the “Clair” senses—possessing one of these psychic senses is already a rarity in itself, but David possesses and practices all of them!

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