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Have you ever said “I know this place,” even though you have never been there before? Or perhaps experienced a strong case of wanderlust for a country on the other side of the world? Have you ever felt a strong feeling of déjà vu and felt that what you are experiencing has already happened before? Have you met a complete stranger and felt a strong kinship towards that person? Conversely, have you met a complete stranger and felt a strong sense of dislike even though that person has not done anything to you?

If you said yes to any of these questions, this may be your soul's way of telling you that there is more to you than you know. Your past life can have a range of effects on your current life. From events that have caused us to hang on to hurt and negative emotions to unanswered questions, past life readings can help you uncover important knowledge about your past life. To satisfy this curiosity and help you get the answers and healing you need, a spiritual medium such as David at Divine Guide can help. Call today or contact David online to schedule a past life reading.

3 Benefits You Get Out of a Past Life Reading

Here are ways that a past life reading can help in your current life:

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Learn More about Yourself through a Past Life Reading

Memory is a strange, but irrefutable thing. Memories from past lives will always be there in your subconscious, just waiting for the right trigger. A past life reading will help you to uncover old memories of a past life and can help you to move on from past hurts or events to live more fully in the present. Contact David today at 800-520-6016 to learn more and to schedule your past life reading.