Psychic Medium Readings: What You Need to Know

Psychic Readings & Psychic Medium Services

Psychic readings can serve as a guide for your life. They are a way to identify the current roadblocks to your life, as well as determine what you can do to overcome them. Psychic readings can cover everything from your family life and your romantic relationships, to the state of your health, professional career, and finances. Psychic readings can and will empower you, as you get to know yourself more. They will help you realize your strengths, and will help you realize the aspects in your life that need improvement.

During a psychic reading, there are many ways to see and read into a person's life, such as tuning in to the energies you give off or the aura that comes from you. It can also mean talking to a spirit guide and using their guidance to help you determine the best course of action for your life. To learn more or schedule a psychic reading with David, contact David today either online or by phone at 800-520-6016.

What a Psychic Medium Reading Can Do for Your Life

Preparing for Your Psychic Medium Reading

David’s psychic gift is his ability to tune in to your spirit guides and get answers from them to help you achieve a well-balanced life. Your psychic reading will be helpful, accurate, and insightful, regardless of whether it was sent through an email or relayed via a telephone call. You will receive your response for an email reading within three business days, and at times just within a few hours after making the request. With a phone reading, David will call you precisely at the appointed time and will proceed right away with the reading.

Here are some of the things you’ll need to provide before your reading with David:

Psychic Readings & Services by Phone or Email

Psychic Reading Refunds and Cancellations

David is aware that life can get hectic, and sometimes can get in the way of appointments. Should this occur, David respectfully asks that you notify him at least 24 hours before your scheduled psychic reading for a full refund. Cancellations not made within 24 hours are subject to a $50.00 booking fee.

Additionally, given the large amount of preparation, pre-tuning with your guides, and the amount of time spent in your session, Divine Guide does not offer refunds on completed psychic readings. No exceptions.

Though David has a 99.5% satisfaction rate, if you should for some reason feel dissatisfied with your psychic reading, he recommends seeking out another intuitive in the future. Intuitives and clients all connect differently, and a different one may resonate better with you.

Getting the Most Out Of Your Psychic Reading

How to Schedule a Psychic Reading with David

To schedule your own psychic reading, you can reach David by phone at 800-520-6016 or schedule your psychic reading online. David looks forward to helping you find the answers you are looking for.